Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Meanwhile...Holding To The Traditional Spirit

I want to kick off this post by saying thank you to all the family and friends that called,texted to let me know I was in your thoughts,the gifts as well though not expecte. As you all who know me may know,I have a bitter taste in my mouth when it comes to holidays,seasonal status quo,traditionally motivated yet empty in emotion displays or gestures of affection. While everyone isn’t caught up in outdoing,satisfying the hype it has clearly become a definite shit show when it comes to the overwhelming desire to keep to protocols of what seems to be keeping to the spiritual aspects of it all.A bunch of irate individuals scrambling to find that perfect gift,that perfect gift that never seems to be enough,that special someone to spend the holidays with,that perfect dinner with family and friends that seems to always be not so perfect,that overwhelming desire to actually achieve anything near any of that,but you have pictures and videos to prove it right;rhetorical..but all the while right under your nose is the fact that you’re here,the fact that there is someone out there less fortunate than you,in worse health than you or even worse not here to even enjoy just that simple little fact. The true meaning of Christmas;the true meaning of caring for someone;the true meaning of family,one word,simplicity..give from the heart,care for one another as if you will never get another chance to,appreciate the things that you hold dear,stay humble. Happy Holidays readers

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