Sunday, January 7, 2018

A Failure To Communicate

Why must we always make everything more complicated than it has to be?a little communication,that’s all it takes;open your mouth up and speaking your mind does wonders in many over complicated situations,things that get blown totally out of proportion when just being forthright or forthcoming. The heart is a very deceiving anatomy,do as you feel or as as your mind tells you,the dilemma huh..well I’m sure being outspoken can cause uneasy feelings,but lying creates a messy aftermath in my opinion,and it may not always be directly nor immediately either. Not to pound the issue I’ll wrap this post up by saying don’t be a dick so to speak,give that individual the respect you would expect and keep it real with them the situation and yourself and just be honest from the gate and communicate for petesake,it doesn’t require much

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