Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Evil Within

Sometimes things just need to be said..minus the feelings,who you think you are,what you going through,fear of reactions,now while I hate to bring negative into my positive circle,well..fake seems the new cool,blood in blood out huh,more like blood will sell you out;I admire anyone that can keep it together under critical conditions,hold their own when there really isn’t anything to hold,remains non biased in situations that are clearly complicated from the outside looking in. I only associate with a few people personal,but the rest is business,personal gain,but family,hmmm; family;while should represent togetherness and a safe haven can in fact create some of the most toxic energy you’ve ever seen nowadays you have to treat some of your own like ghosts or fall victim to their fuckery. Yeah yeah yeah I know,nobody is perfect,but striving for the opposite shouldn’t be your goal either. Trust me I’ve heard it all.. so trying to sway me to your wicked,destructive,deceptive,cunningly corrupt point of view is futile,while cut throat there is a method to my madness,if it were in the line then it wouldn’t be considered madness huh;keep praying hoping for resolution,keep believing in that things will present a amicable solution,keep working hard towards doing the “right” things,most of all stay positive in all of this negative energy circulating around you and remember that if you don’t have your own health and sanity you really have nothing,and nothing to offer anyone else either for that matter.

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