Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Average BS (the alleged famed Popeyes chicken sandwich)

As I write this I'm shaking my head with a slight laugh as well as sigh in shame and disgust; I get it,I do,that we have become a humanity of impatient,ignorant,thoughtless,and substance lacking creatures of habit. Seeking anything to gravitate towards in an attempt to feel something,basically close if not reverting back Neanderthal like existence. I’m just sharing my point of view and as I do give suggestive thinking to those who catch it,nothing is that serious,that important,that good to to take away my soul,my peace of mind,with all this bs going on today,evil lurking at every turn,listen to who when everyone is lying to push personal agendas,flipping shit upside down for personal gain,self gratification and justification and as long as we keep seeking something/someone to steer us,it’s working because the jokes on us,we killing,fighting,losing the little bit of sense that we may have over a cheap,mediocre piece of chicken that you can prepare at home,healthier for you,that’ll probably taste ten times better as well. Can we do better? wake tf up;pay attention;think more;make better choices,give back to this spectacular universe instead of just taking,negative energy,wasting space. 

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