Sunday, February 12, 2017

A day in the life/Taking In The Moments

Sitting here..sitting here just thinking,thinking about all of the things that were said,going through my texts trying to piece shit together..but it all comes back to this,this place,this place that I never want to see,never want to go. What's the value of a phone call,value of a few minutes of your time,a minute out of busy ass schedule to show that you care,disappearing acts,all the psychological games what's to gain? winners,losers all of these labels and no,no resolution,no reality,no truth,no consciousness of actions,there's always losers.. never win hurting someone that you bond with,care about,or value,but what do you really want,really need,just have to have it?for one minute,one hour,one month,one year..what do you want? Is this solid?seeking be be continued on to what?where?where do we go from here ?if what is up must come,does it have to come down so far,is there a middle ground,a happy medium. Time passes,things happen,things get lost in translation,things get forgotten. Still..for a moment,man I love those moments..thinking back with a smile,hopefully there's more to come

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