Friday, August 5, 2016

Not Just Making Babies

Ever here the statement "It was a mistake ever getting involved with him or her? & while it's sad that some people don't understand that having kids is a serious matter & just see that selfish "I want to have a baby"bs.. things like the inability to cope,resolve issues,reintroducing that child to a new way of life if a situation or relationship doesn't work out never occurs to many when having sex,making babies. Some are just not stable enough to make those choices correctly.A lot tend to get caught up in that five seconds of glamour and not rationalize the scenerio futuristically. What if this doesn't work out?,what if my feelings change?,what if the person I'm with changes?, what if the person I'm with doesn't want the same things that I do?what kind of situation am I bringing a child into?is what I'm doing going to effect my child in any way?am I able to give my child the necessary things that he or she needs to to make it through successfully into adulthood? Relationship wise,the art of compromise and working through issues has been lost,because we're lost.Its so easy to say the words this is not working to I'll just do something different which is fine from a self motivated stand point,no one wants to be unhappy,unhealthy,and this isn't the way God intended us to be nor wants for us either. When we make our decisions they are usually from a what we need standpoint,but from a child's standpoint how do they feel?a relationship,partnership etc. cannot be forced,but neither can the outcome of a separation from situations.

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