Tuesday, August 23, 2016

It's Hard..(A Male Relationship Perspective)

THIS IS NOT A FEMALE BASHING POST!!! It can be very hard building new relationships as you get older would you agree?. When you're younger everything is so carefree,but as time progresses & that female has put herself out there for so long,been in countless dead end relationships or situations which has left her now damaged or psychologically unprepared to adapt to new circumstances without bitterness,a self conscious and uncompromising attitude.Some of which I've talked about before in previous posts choices do count, in short,the life that you want for yourself is the type of life you should lead. A man does NOT want to feel like he has to fix years of issues which you've had in your past,relive your past nor be compared to any of your past relations/situations. I as a man believe that every relationship should start from the beginning and build forward positively, not backwards..and a big part of that is looking towards your future instead of dwelling in your past. Not one person is perfect,but we all possess the ability to be the best person that we can be if we want to,key being if we want to. I

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iamantwanfallenangelflowers said...

I was on Facebook today & ran across the posted pic that you see in my news feed so I screenshot it to add to this post,minus the negative wordplay it's a very interesting female view on relationships