Tuesday, December 6, 2022

What’s it all about

 In a world filled with envy,jealousy & desire to have/achieve/take/rub up against success..whether it be wealth of any,fame,material,physical..there is a overwhelming urge to feel drawn to what we want or wish we could achieve,I take no place in this amazing race,youll find yourself searching for yourself trying to live the life of someone else.Everyone needs a hero,mentor,confidant,lover,transferof energy,life is one big emotional roller coaster,scared to live so we live thru someone else's achievements and accomplishments & scared to die also going thru life with so many misses & regrets,its funny the eyes help us to see but we still seem to remain blind to reality or unfocused with perfect vision..even knowing that something or someone is unhealthy,unsafe,or harmful to or for you we sometimes tend to look past or ignore the facts & give way to the possibilities,even if it means pain,disappointment,or maybe even worse.. 

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