Sunday, July 3, 2022

It Ain’t Easy I Know, But What Do You Want

So people always saying things like,life is hard,you don’t know what I’m going through,quoting shyt from things they’ve seen somewhere,basically looking for sympathy,when if you actually look closer you’ll see… life ain’t been no crystal stair for most of us regular people. We’ve all been through shyt,we’ve all had to overcome something,my pain is my influence,my pain is my motivation. I don’t have anywhere near what I want in life and I’ve been struggling to reach success all my life, I don’t waste a lot of time soaking because it gets me zero results. We all want to be justified in our actions,so who’s wrong?a honest answer,no one..but the move to put aside the pettiness,the self loathing,the excuses,playing the blame game lies in all of us. It’s what you want,not any of that extra bs

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