Wednesday, October 14, 2020


Wow.. self learning,self elevation,mental clarity is a beautiful thing. It’s not about the money,it’s about the thrill,desire to acquire without specific purpose or reason,I mean as long as you’re breathing and healthy utilize the time and energy creatively right? I’m saying,just to know something is everything, it’s not about longevity,I mean to fully know and understand yourself,your limitations,your limits,but test them,I’m never comfortable because I feel like the universe is always moving and so should I be,has a plan,a place for me and all I have to do is acknowledge it,keep trying to give the energy that I’m given back. It’s not about looks,it’s about looking,I’ve been fortunate to meet some extraordinary people,whom will always have my heart,someone who will always be in my life,some who have taught me a lot and been there for me through all of my struggles,my pain, and my redemption to a better place,a better me. Life is beautiful,the feelings,the truth,the pain,the good things as well as the bad. I’ll say I’m just glad to be experiencing it all, and everything that I do now I do for me and the people that are fortunate enough to experience me,in positivity

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