Monday, January 27, 2020

A Thin Line Between Love & Hate

‪Damn.. so many good people are sadly gone too soon😔What’s that saying;”The Good Die Young”it’s so sad that there can’t be grief without turmoil.We see and hear what we want to without facts,fueled by impulse it’s easier to just hate something rather than to figure it out,but love and understanding has far more beneficial values, but msnbc reporter Alison Morris did not use the #nword man,and we seriously need to stop this bs and unify collectively with a solution for this fkd up world we living in right now which is partly due to this narrow minded ignorance/thinking. I read a comment on some website and the lady said “you guys always have to play the victim” which is funny because “playing the victim”seems to be an epidemic with so many people of every race,gender these days.The type of war we’re looking for will only lead to one outcome,the destruction of humanity.

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