Thursday, September 26, 2019

Talk That Talk

I speak randomly as hell as most knows... hey if you’re on the level follow me,like me,share me especially ๐Ÿ˜‰,okay,okay back on topic,these women out here trip me the fk out with all these damn rules,suggestions,demands,ultimatums  ans shit to guys that have no clue wtf you’re even talking about. Most guys see sex 99% of the time,so what do you expect to accomplish by flashing raw meat in front of a hungry lion??? don’t make sense to me. I have morals so saying stuff like that shouldn’t matter or we should have restraint or whatever else bs you can come up with to mask the evident problem of enticement idk I can’t plead your case, you first off have to go back to ground level and address what’s actual,then go from there,stop trying to change what’s natural to unnatural and immoral it’s unethical man we are man and women and no laws can adjust that the reality bandits feel this shit one hundred stacks!!! I love women,for real.. I love my mom,for real,but these bs laws governing reality are just that.. but there’s a difference between crazy and unexplainable,so tell me why do you choose destructive and then think that you are the special one to get a better outcome

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