Thursday, May 30, 2019

In This Crazy World

Everyone worried about whose the so called greatness when it comes to a bunch of people praising you because you can put together some words to a beat and dance around for the camera,shoot a basketball,run up and down a field crashing into one another etc.,but ultimately who really cares; black people got it wrong thinking that dancing for the media is being real,shooting up a bunch of your own people makes you the shit,talking down on one another for approval and shit,we need to open up the part of our brains that we’ve been conditioned to close off and cross each other out in order to play that game that the real people in control have put in place to keep control over anything that they deem as a threat. There’s power in unity and also in the ability to stand alone when everyone else is distracted by the glitz of life and unaware of the overlay for the underplay. Yes we hate and pass judgment on what we envy or don’t understand. Our people need support,we’ve never had it easy so...but I’ll end this with if you break man made laws your going to get man made consequences;mostly bs ones but nonetheless 

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