Monday, May 29, 2017

πŸ’”To Know Me Is To Love MeπŸ’”

I write..I write about things that I see,hear,sometimes things that I go through,or tell someone else's story. Now that being said,I'm only mans thoughts and opinions about shit from A to Z,so you can either take it in or blow it off your choice. One of my biggest issues with character is assumption because a large percentage of the time the shit you assumed was wrong. I'm not super educated,super smart nor do I possess a bunch of degrees either,but I do possess a thing called common sense and the common knowledge of understandingπŸ€”..  so...I was having this conversation with someone recently and their mind frame really threw me, I was told that I am harsh,narcissistic,mean and an angry 😑 person. Well.. while partially true, my opinions won't change unless you have a legitimate idea which contradicts that,we all want to feel sheltered,validated,the comfort that the things we are doing make sense or justified,but everything isn't and truth is not everyone is going to share my feelings,thoughts,show compassion just because I feel like I should have that,get emotional just because I'm in that place. We would all like to think that everything and everyone can be categorized or evaluated by one thought process but to me assuming that makes sense sounds ridiculous. We all show affection,caring,emotion in different ways,and the way that one person perceives or chooses to analyze you is just that, one persons point of view. "In order to know someone,you have to know someone,no amount of literature nor training can fully understand ones character that takes interaction and patience"

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silent cry 4 help said...

You are so right. To have the assumption of ones personality is wrong if you have not taken the time to invest in getting to know that person. Everyone has their own characteristics, their own flaws, their own way of thinking, that is what makes us unique and individuals. Unfortunately many of us to make a jump decision on who someone is and that is wrong for that person to assume or think that your harsh, rude, or narcissistic until they have actually taken the time to spend time with that individual. I know as a human being I have made assumptions on individuals and felt bad for those assumptions after I took the time and really spent one on one time with that person. But in order to really see ones true personality you have to have that interaction. I can honestly say that after I said things like that to someone I still reached out to that person because I also knew there was something more. I knew that he was kind, caring, sensitive, and understanding as well as funny. But I didn't fully see that til I hung out with them. Now that I did I see all the good qualities and I want to learn more about that person, I want to spend more time to know this individual even better. I am so glad that I didn't leave it at that by assuming this person was these other things. Because I would have missed out on a day that I won't forget, even though it was nothing grand or spectacular it was just perfect. It gave me insite to a different kind of lifestyle a different perspective on what a real man is and not a boy or thug is. It gave me a sense of trust, understanding, comfort, and hopefully a friendship that will last a lifetime. So now I can understand when someone says "to know me is to love me" because I misjudged this person and I was wrong, I hope this person knows how sorry I am for assuming and allow me to continue to know them so I can maybe one day say that I could love them... thank you FallenAngel for the good advice.