Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Always Something More To It

Man does It takes a lot to admit fault, have you ever been on the side of well if I do this or I do that in the eyes of man I'm a good person? Well on that same token how much of your do good mentality is genuine? or geared towards looking good? Ever felt like you were being held back? Your pain was someone else's pleasure?Felt like you were being bullied by ones beliefs,lies etc. ? Remember only God can judge you. I'm speaking from experience when I say that this world is full manipulative selfish people that don't think before they put all of this negative energy out into the world just to prey on the ignorance of others for self defense/esteem. Do you believe? believe in honesty,integrity, that a higher power which created you? most speak of God & his will but will always try to change things by speaking scriptures that they don't understand,walking around being critical of everything and everyone,but let's remember stone casting isn't very holy like now is it?

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